Danny's Pickles: Handpicked & Homemade

Since 2015, Danny has been delivering delicious pints of pickles to his friends and family. Over the years, he has gained a following of new friends who have tried his pickles and can't get enough. His operation has grown over the years and has allowed him to support local growers, always turning the most delicious cucumbers into the best pickles.

2020 Stats




lbs of Cucumbers

Danny's Pickles became part of the North Dakota Farmers Market and Growers Association in 2020. This organization assists in supporting locally grown and processed North Dakota products.

The Standard

The standard dill is ANYTHING but standard. These beauties are a perfect balance between salty + crunchy (and are a dill-icious snack anytime...anywhere).

Crushed Red Pepper

Like a pickle with a little kick? These bad boys are brined with crushed red pepper and are perfect for your next Bloody Mary bar.

Sweet Slicers

Danny’s Sweet Slicers are the best bread and butter pickles you’ve ever tasted (and are amazing when paired with smoked meats or as a topping on your next sandwich).

The Danny Behind The Pickle

Some would say that Dan and his wife, Sharon, have always had entrepreneurial spirits. In their 20s, they purchased the Dairy Queen in Larimore, North Dakota. After experiencing success with soft serve ice cream, Dan and Sharon opened the first standalone Hot Stuff Pizzeria in Larimore, North Dakota. Dan and Sharon also had (and still continue to have) a great appreciation for the arts and crafts. This led them open up a local craft store, called New Beginning Creations, for local artists so they would have a place to sell and showcase their crafty work.

Throughout all their entrepreneurial adventures, Dan’s greatest joy was to make people’s tummies happy. His burgers are famous among friends and family, his sloppy joe recipe is requested by all who try them, and now...Dan can’t seem to keep any of his famous pickles on the shelf!

Danny’s Pickles are more than your standard pickles. They are lovingly cared for as seedlings, well-taken care of as they grow into cucumbers, and harvested at just the right time (not too early, and not too late). Once the cucumbers are ready, they are soaked in special brine based on a secret family recipe, and jarred until they are ready to be served with a juicy burger, delicious deli sandwich, or eaten right from the jar whenever you damn well please.

And as we like to say around here, if you haven’t tried one of Danny’s Pickles…
you’re missing out. 🥒